Dienstag, 17. März 2015

Book Unhaul

In October 2014 I moved away into a dorm room. I couldn't take many books with me so there most of my books are still at my parents home. As I am currently staying at my parents home I decided it would be time to look through my books and unhaul some of them as well as deciding which books I would like to take with me when I'm going back in April.

So, this was the pile of books I took off of my shelf:
(I'm sorry, but somehow the picture got quite blurry...)

And that's how my shelf looked empty:

I do have more places where I put my books than this shelf, but most of them are on this shelf.

It took me quite a while to decide which books I would keep and which ones I would unhaul.

So here is the result:

These are the books I will keep:

And these are the books I will unhaul:

And there are some books I am not quite sure, wheater I want to keep them or unhaul them, so for now they will stay on my bookshelf but I will surely think about maybe letting them go.

Yep, these are my twilight books.

After some more time I had seperated the books I wanted to take with me from the books I would for noe leave at my parents house and put those who would stay at my parents home back into the shelf.
Here is the final result:

I'm not quite sure what to do with the books I unhauled. They are mostly not damaged, but they are quite old so selling would bring close to nothing. I think I will donate them but I still have to figure out where I can donate them.

I think that unahuling is a great way to recall which books you own, which you want to keep and which are not interessting for you anymore.

So, maybe have a little unhaul to start of your spring cleaning :)
Lots of Love