Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2015

My Reading and Writing Resolutions and Goals for 2015

I am not only a dedicated reader but I also love to write. Fanfictions, poems and above all: my own stories. I did really well concerning my fanfictions last year, but not so well with my own stories.
So I decided to do a list of goals and resolutions for this year.

Bookish Resolutions:

1. I want to read at least 50 books this year. The number may seem quite small, but I never counted the books I read in the last couple of years so I actually don't know, how much I am able to read in one year. The only thing I know is, that I read a lot. So I decided to keep the muber small so I will be able to reach my goal without any pressure to do so. I am quite sure that the number of books I want to read will rise next year, but for now, 50 will do.
If anyone is intrestet in seeing my progress on this, just go to my goodreads page, where I will keep everyone who is intrested updated on this goal.

2. Read 10 books from my TBR pile, well actually from my TBR piles. I willd o another post on my TBR piles as soon as possible. Where I will explain, why I have more than one TBR pile and why the number of books is only 10.

3. Finish at least 5 unfinished series. There will be another post for this one too, because I actually don't know, how much unfinished series I have. So maybe I have to lower the number, or catching up with a series will be counted too.

4. Reading diversley. This is mainly concerned with reading diffrent genres. Most of the time I read fantasy. Sometimes another genre, but not as diversly as I wish to read.

5. Discover new authors. As most of the people, I have my favorite authors and I stick with them. But for this year, I want to discover new authors.

6. Read at least 2 classics. I never read that much classics at all, eventhough there are a lot of them which intrest me. So hopefully this resolution will get me to read more of them.

7. Read 5 books with 500 pages or more. I actually do not decide on the number of pages, wheater I read a book or not, but since I left school and go to university, I mainly read small books, which I can finish fast. And I want to change that.

8. Re-read 10 books I loved when I first read them. This is mainlx due to the fact, that I sometimes completly forget how much i loved a book, when it is a while ago that I read them. So some of my favorite books get somehow lost in my memory due to that and I want them to be back in my mind.

9. Keep a reading journal. I want to write down every single book I read and mark, wheater I liked them or not. So in the future, when I want to re-read a book I really liked, I just have to look into this journal.

Writing Resolutions:

1. Write a journal. Not only about things that happen in my life, which wouldn't actually be that much, but mostly about my progress in writing, my ideas and all that stuff. I never did this and most of the time I will forget things, that actually where not that bad and which I maybe could have used.

2. Work on my book. I started last year in October with the book. And until now I haven't even started writing. I have all these ideas, I collect them and I try to get everything in order to start, but I did not do it. So this year I want to finish at least 10 chapters of this book.

3. Working on my book at least 2 days a week. This means not only writing it, but do research, work on characters and other stuff. Things that need to be done and that I normally do not do, because I have something else to do. For this year, I want to bring my writing out of the shadows, where it has been due to to much school work, university work and everything else.

Blog Goals:

1. Write at least 1 review per month. Normally I read more than 1 book per month and normally I just close them and maybe talk about them with friends but not more. From March on I want to do at least one book review per month

2. Post at least once a week. In order to keep this blog going, I have to put work into it and hopefully I will have success with it.

So, I hope you enjoyed reading about all my Goals and Resolutions, eventhough they're a little late.
Have a nice day.
Lots of love,


On my "Currently Reading Shelf"

At the moment I have six diffrent bokks on my "Currently Reading Shelf".
I am one of does readers, who sometimes reads one book at a time and sometimes just a lot of books. Right now there are six. I started all of them. In some books I only read like 20 pages at this time, in some I allready read 260.
Actually my main problem, and possibly the reason for this amount of books, that I started but not yet finished, is, that I had a, at least for me, huge reading slump.
For about three weeks straight, which is a lot of time for me, espcally as I don't have to go to university right now, but stay at home all day, I started one book after the other but just coudn't stick with it for more than 50 pages.
But after starting the sixht one today, I finally got out of it. I actually don't know how I got out of it, I just did and I am totally happy with it.

The six books on my "Currently Reading Shelf" are:

The final book in the Divergent Series. I have the German paperback edition of this book.
In German it is called "Die Bestimmung - Letzte Entscheidung", while in English it is known as "Allegiant".
I am pretty sure that most of you know what this book is about, so I won't inclued a description of it.

The beautiful classic "Pride and Prejudices" by Jane Austen. Again I have a German edition, with a beautiful cover I absolutly adore.
This story follow young Elizabeth Bennett on her way to find a suitable husband. But it is not as easy as it sounds. She not only has to deal with her own problems, but also with those of her four sisters who all have the same goal: finding a wealthy young man to marry, as they won't be able to inherite the families possession  after the death of their father.

The final book in the Mortal Instruments Series. Just recently the German Hardcover of this book came out. But as I couldn't wait to get my hands on this one. So when I was in London two weeks ago and found this beauty in a bookstore I just had to get it immediatly.
At the moment it is the only English book I am reading, but Clockwork Angel just waits to be read next.
I think mostly all of you will know the story around the shadowhunters so no description for this one.

The first book in the Chronicals of Narnia Series, which is called "The Magican's Nephwe". I actually read those when I just got out of primary school, but as this is quite a while ago now, I just wanted to re-read all of them. I again have a German hardcover edition of this book, with a beautiful dust jacket which should spell Narnia on their spine if you have all of them. Unfortunalty my mom, from whom I leant this one, only has the first four ones.
Again, as this is a well known book, I won't include a description of the plot.

 The first book in the "Endgame" trilogy. Again this is the German Hardcover Edition. I actually don't really know what this book is about. My younger brother got it as a birthday present a just flew trough it, so I decided to start reading it. I know something of twelve kids who are choosen to participate in a game to rescue to world. Or something like that. I just read like twenty pages so I think I will figure out soon what it is all about.

And lastly:

The first book in the Inkworl trilogy - Inkheart. This is a German hardcover edition and I absolutly adore the cover of the book. I already have read the whole trilogy a wile ago and now decided to re-read it.
I won't include a description of the plot, as I probably would start spoiling those of you who haven't read the book yet.
The basic thing is, that in this book, there are people who can read things out of book.
The for example would be able to read Jace, from the Mortal Instruments, out of the book and into the real world. This would be actually totally cool!

So, I hope you enjoyed this little trip to my "Currently Reading Shelf".

Lots of Love,