Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2015

My Reading and Writing Resolutions and Goals for 2015

I am not only a dedicated reader but I also love to write. Fanfictions, poems and above all: my own stories. I did really well concerning my fanfictions last year, but not so well with my own stories.
So I decided to do a list of goals and resolutions for this year.

Bookish Resolutions:

1. I want to read at least 50 books this year. The number may seem quite small, but I never counted the books I read in the last couple of years so I actually don't know, how much I am able to read in one year. The only thing I know is, that I read a lot. So I decided to keep the muber small so I will be able to reach my goal without any pressure to do so. I am quite sure that the number of books I want to read will rise next year, but for now, 50 will do.
If anyone is intrestet in seeing my progress on this, just go to my goodreads page, where I will keep everyone who is intrested updated on this goal.

2. Read 10 books from my TBR pile, well actually from my TBR piles. I willd o another post on my TBR piles as soon as possible. Where I will explain, why I have more than one TBR pile and why the number of books is only 10.

3. Finish at least 5 unfinished series. There will be another post for this one too, because I actually don't know, how much unfinished series I have. So maybe I have to lower the number, or catching up with a series will be counted too.

4. Reading diversley. This is mainly concerned with reading diffrent genres. Most of the time I read fantasy. Sometimes another genre, but not as diversly as I wish to read.

5. Discover new authors. As most of the people, I have my favorite authors and I stick with them. But for this year, I want to discover new authors.

6. Read at least 2 classics. I never read that much classics at all, eventhough there are a lot of them which intrest me. So hopefully this resolution will get me to read more of them.

7. Read 5 books with 500 pages or more. I actually do not decide on the number of pages, wheater I read a book or not, but since I left school and go to university, I mainly read small books, which I can finish fast. And I want to change that.

8. Re-read 10 books I loved when I first read them. This is mainlx due to the fact, that I sometimes completly forget how much i loved a book, when it is a while ago that I read them. So some of my favorite books get somehow lost in my memory due to that and I want them to be back in my mind.

9. Keep a reading journal. I want to write down every single book I read and mark, wheater I liked them or not. So in the future, when I want to re-read a book I really liked, I just have to look into this journal.

Writing Resolutions:

1. Write a journal. Not only about things that happen in my life, which wouldn't actually be that much, but mostly about my progress in writing, my ideas and all that stuff. I never did this and most of the time I will forget things, that actually where not that bad and which I maybe could have used.

2. Work on my book. I started last year in October with the book. And until now I haven't even started writing. I have all these ideas, I collect them and I try to get everything in order to start, but I did not do it. So this year I want to finish at least 10 chapters of this book.

3. Working on my book at least 2 days a week. This means not only writing it, but do research, work on characters and other stuff. Things that need to be done and that I normally do not do, because I have something else to do. For this year, I want to bring my writing out of the shadows, where it has been due to to much school work, university work and everything else.

Blog Goals:

1. Write at least 1 review per month. Normally I read more than 1 book per month and normally I just close them and maybe talk about them with friends but not more. From March on I want to do at least one book review per month

2. Post at least once a week. In order to keep this blog going, I have to put work into it and hopefully I will have success with it.

So, I hope you enjoyed reading about all my Goals and Resolutions, eventhough they're a little late.
Have a nice day.
Lots of love,