Dienstag, 9. August 2016

Perfectly Broken - Sale Event

Heute kommt mal ein etwas anderer Post von mir.

Momentan lese ich das eBook "Perfectly Broken" von Maegan Abel.
Bis jetzt gefällt es mir richtig, richtig gut und ich bin schon gespannt, wie es mit der Serie weiter gehen wird.

Dann habe ich rausgefunden, dass die Trilogie am 23. August als eBook-Box erscheinen wird - und dass es im Moment eine super Aktion gibt.
Ihr könnt das Box-Set für nur 0,99 Euro vorbestellen - enthalten sind dann die drei Bücher der Trilogie, sowie eine Novelle.
Hier ist der Link: Amazon

Zudem wird ein Gewinnspiel veranstalltet, bei dem ihr das Box-Set gewinnen könnt.
Hier ist der Link zum Gewinnspiel:

Aber ersteinmal mehr zum Buch (da es sich hier um eine englischsprachige Reihe handelt, ist alles auf Englisch):

“Sometimes, when you take the broken pieces and combine them, you get something even more beautiful.”

Life will never be the same.

People always say things like that and you never really believe them, but it’s the truth. One day, you think you have your life all figured out and then a single event starts a chain reaction you can’t seem to stop…

Zane Tishler and Lili Cortez fit in perfectly with the party crowd of Sin City locals. They’ve spent two years honing a finely tuned system to bag and tag tourists with no strings attached. Sex is just sex, after all. But when dangerous shadows from the past start to reappear, things get complicated. Best friends and roommates, they never expected to find what they’d both been searching for in each other, but sometimes those who know us best forgive our sins the easiest.

Through shootings, fires, and a multitude of secrets and lies, can they both survive?
Even if they do, can their love?
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Und hier ein kleiner Ausschnitt aus dem ersten Buch:

I stared as Lili moved with almost mechanical motions, making it seem like she was pausing for small fractions of a second between movements. When she pulled this off perfectly, the sound of the crowd around us surged. I was completely entranced as she continued dancing and her eyes landed on mine. She moved to me and pulled me to her before spinning to press her ass against me again. I wrapped my arms around her waist, resting both my palms flat along her stomach and abdomen as I bent my knees to lower myself while we swayed together. She was so close I could see the beads of sweat running down her neck, the tiny hairs curling along her hairline in an unruly fashion.
I felt the bare skin of her stomach when her shirt rose and my fingers slid underneath, tugging her even closer. She threw her head back and I gripped her hips. Turning her to face me, I lifted her up, my fingers on her backside as she used the position to move against me. Wrapping her legs around my waist, she grabbed the back of my hair with both hands, her nails grazing my scalp. I groaned and pressed my lips to hers again without another coherent thought.
The crowd went crazy when the song ended and Lili blinked, seeming stunned as she looked around. I glanced up from her to a sea of camera phones that no doubt captured Lizzie's embarrassing ass stomping by Lili. I grinned at her and let her slide slowly down my body but she looked past me.
"And it's EX-wife, you… repulsive tramp!" Lili stuttered as she spat the words. With an irritated huff, she moved quickly through the crowd. I could barely see the top of her head as she passed through the door toward the street. I glanced at the table to see Tish and Kas were already moving that way so I turned to follow Lili.
"Zane!" Lizzie whined, grabbing my arm. Half an hour ago, I would've fought myself not to fall for her shit again but right now, all I could think about was getting to Lili and finding out what the fuck all that was.
"Maybe you should've thought twice before you fucked my best friend," I said as I pulled free of her grasp, rushing after Lili.

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Ich werde mir das Boxset auf jeden Fall vorbestellen und wollte euch deshalb diese tolle Aktion nicht vorenthalten.